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What is a screw conveyor system?


A screw conveyor is also called an Auger conveyor system. The screw conveyor system is a framework that uses rotating spiral screw blades. The blades are called as flighting. The blades are placed inside a pipe or tube which helps in moving the material from one point to another.

The screw conveyor is used in many large-scale industries for bulk material. The screw conveyor is available in a horizontal or a slight incline angle. Which is best suited for modern industries.

The screw conveyor is best to move or transport semi-solid materials like wood chips, food waste, meat & bones, animal feeds, grains, solid waste, etc.


The screw conveyor system is used widely in bulk handling industries and agricultural industries. The auger conveyor system consists of either a through or pipe with a spiral blade around the shaft. It is driven at one end and held at the other end or one end or driven at one end and free at the other- called a shaftless spiral. In industries, the rotation rate of the shaft delivers a perfectly measured quantity of material.

The screw conveyor can be operated at an incline angle. which is very economical as it helps to move material inclined way. As the material moves in incline angle the amount of material unit given is decreased. 


Screw conveyor and agriculture:


A screw conveyor is also called an auger conveyor. The screw conveyor is majorly used in moving semi-solid materials with reference to agriculture. The materials moved are- grains, wood waste, food waste, meat, etc.

The grain auger conveyor is used in agriculture to transport grain from trucks or carts into the store.

The screw conveyor has a spiral blade rotating inside the metal pipe that moves grain forward filling the storage. At the start point, the machine receives drain from truck or carts and delivers it through spiral pipe to its final location.

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*      Screw conveyor is used in food procession in large scale as they are best for processing food materials. The auger is used for powder processing because of its ability to convey material in bulk.

*      Screw conveyor is used in snowblowers as it is used to move snow towards the impeller (rotating circle which moves fluid outwards from the center of rotation).

*      The conventional meat grinder is used to move meat chunks through spinning blades. It is used to produce wide varieties of sausage and loaves.

*      Screw conveyor is also used in oil fields for transporting rock cutting away from shakers.

*      Some barbecue grills use an auger to move fuel from storage hooper to firebox.

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