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What is Horizontal Conveyor System?

Horizontal Conveyor System is the Conveyor or transport system which has the ability to move a product from start position to end position horizontally. The pulley system or drive system (rotating parts) of the horizontal conveyors are totally enclosed regarding the safety of the operator. The Conveyor system is also available with stainless steel working platform which will also help in the cleaning of the conveyor system. The motors of the Horizontal conveyor system are workload protected. The conveyor is heavy-duty, two way powered motors, and height adjustable.

Horizontal conveyor is made up with top quality materials because they have to be heavy duty, robust, and effective.  The conveyor system has to be up to the mark for handling heavy as well as delicate materials. The conveyor can get the work done in less time and less maintenance. The framework is adaptable versatile, and it can also be customized to suit your area and existing machines space. The Horizontal Conveyor system is the best option for material handling. 

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Horizontal Conveyor uses:

Like every other conveyor system, Horizontal Conveyor system moves or transport material from one point to another and vice versa. Mostly, it is used as a long-distance transport for moving material which is fragile and heavy. The damage to the product is reduced. The conveyor system is loaded with features that benefit the operator. The conveyor has a height adjustment feature, Variable speed drive, accessible with an E-stop button or manual reverse.  The horizontal conveyor system is ready to be installed on the floor, at waist level for simple access and maintenance. It is intended to ship the most troublesome materials on the same level.

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  • A horizontal conveyor system is helpful to transport material from one point to another over a long distance.

  • The risk of damage to the products is reduced.

  • The speed of the conveyor system can be controlled manually.

  • The power of the conveyor system can be optimized by making it an automatic material detection system (the conveyor will move only when material is detected on it).

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